Submit the Bag It form no less than one week in advance. Requests will be handled in the
order they are received and are dependent on staff and material availability.
Material requests are limited to 25 items. Award winning or nominated books are
limited to one copy per title. Bag Its are checked out on your Bag It library
card for 3 weeks with no renewal. Cardholders are responsible for fines,
damaged or lost materials. All overdue items must be returned before a new Bag
It Request may be processed. When Bag It requests are complete you will be
contacted by phone or email. Completed Bag Its must be picked up at the
circulation desk within 5 days. Your check out loan period begins the day you
receive notification that your Bag It is ready. If an incomplete Bag It is
taken, the rest of the order will be cancelled.

If you have any questions, please contact the
Youth Services Department at 708-301-7908.

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