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The Lemont Artists Guild is pleased to present Jasonn Pellegrini, who will share his knowledge and photographic images in the field of Astrophotography which is the photographing of the night sky. This includes astronomical objects, outer space phenomena and events which can include images of the moon, sun, planets, asteroids, stars, and galaxies. Jasonn will bring outer space and the stars inside so we can see them for ourselves projected on the big screen in the library’s conference room!

Jasonn has always had a passion for photography. His portfolio includes landscape photography and he started focusing on Astrophotography during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Astronomy, in general, has also always been a passion of his and sharing his astrophotography images with the world lets him spread the wonder of space and time to everyone. 

While by day, Jasonn is an electronic technician who repairs communication radios and other electronics, by night, he carries his technical expertise into his celestial photos by using special astrophotography techniques and equipment. The equipment he utilizes to take the photographs includes telescopes, lenses, mounts, various accessories, computer software, and his special camera which uses specific filters to cut out light pollution near the city and surrounding area. Since light pollution is always a struggle in the Chicago and surrounding area, with his expertise, techniques, and equipment he is still able to capture the beauty of the night sky. He has even attended the annual “Nebraska Star Party” near Valentine, NE under some of the darkest skies in the country where Astrophotographers get together and take incredible pictures with the Milky Way galaxy as their light. You can see more about the star party at and view this YouTube video at

Connect with Jasonn and his images on AstroBin, Instagram, or ArtPal.

Meetings are open to all; you do not have to be a LAG member or a Homer Library patron to attend. Registration required.

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