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Family Reading Night is an annual statewide event held the third Thursday in November to encourage families to spend quality time reading together. Celebrate family and reading by enjoying some of these fun activities:

Don’t you love to have a book read to you? It doesn’t matter how old you are this is a wonderful way to read and discuss a story. Here's a suggestion to read aloud as a family, and it is available on Hoopla. The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis, is a story with many lessons and descriptive scenes. Readers can use their imagination as to 'paint' the story in your mind and bring the story to life. Create your own free Hoopla account with your Homer library card and pin # (last four digits of your card). 

Passport to read!!  Make a family list of book suggestions from every genre, then check them off as you read together. 

Visit Homer Township Public Library for the book club “To Be Continued”. The first chapter of the book is read to you and you get to decide if you like the book and want to continue to read it. All the books in the club are available on Hoopla. To Be Continued book club features a new book or two every month on Wednesdays. 

Create a special schedule for your family to stop, drop and read. STOP what you are doing, DROP what is in your hands, grab a book, and start READing!  Post the schedule on the refrigerator or set an alarm for everyone to hear.  

Making a special reading nook is a fun way to celebrate Family Reading Night. So grab some blankets or sheets, and a couple of chairs. You will find a link with instructions on how to make a blanket fort.

Refreshments can be a fun way to add to the fun of Family Reading Night. Come up with some menu options that can tie into your night of reading. Try pigs in a blanket for a snuggle up and read themed recipe.

Enjoy the Family Reading Night word search.  Print the attached PDF and work as a family to find the answers. Have fun together!