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Age: Adult
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The Lemont Artists Guild presents, via Zoom, the annual “Show & Tell” meeting of the Lemont Artists Guild! This is the LAG program topic every January and it is always an insightful and popular one. All attendees at this meeting will have an opportunity to share their creative endeavors.  Whether it is a type of art you are working on such as painting, drawing, photography, jewelry making, fiber/textiles, sculpture, ceramics, and so forth or a musical or writing or performing art talent, or craft or hobby, etc., this is a great opportunity to talk about it, get some new ideas, constructive suggestions, and/or share about your plans for the future. It can also help you get to know your fellow LAG Members and Guests! 

Meetings are open to all; you do not have to be a LAG member or a Homer Library patron to attend. If you are not comfortable speaking, you can also just join in and watch to see what others are up to in their art worlds. This meeting is always a great kick-off to the new year for all to be inspired to achieve their goals and aspirations!

[Picture is from last year’s meeting, digital image created by LAG Member & Photographer, Gene Mark]

For more information on the Lemont Artists Guild, click here.