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Solve clues and find the wooden coin hidden in a special container. Bring it to Homer Township Public Library to redeem for a prize! A new letterboxing adventure happens each month! Limit 1 per person/per month.


  • Ahoy! Set sail for Heritage Park to find me treasure!
  • Walk the plank! - I mean the path...just west of Active Core.
  • Look straight ahead for 2 trees with a frisbee golf (FROLF) cage between them.
  • Avast, head towards the mound up ahead.
  • If you see FROLF launching pad #16, you are close Matey!
  • It appears a beaver or lumberjack may have been in this area, arrgh!
  • Now all you landlubbers, look around to spy a brown acorn.
  • Shiver me timbers - there will be a wooden coin inside!
  • Bring it to Homer Library to choose some booty from ye' treasure chest!
  • One prize per hearties/per month