Donor Tree

Donor tree wall decorations with leaves for each sponsor

Donor Tree

Support our library by contributing to the Donor Tree campaign by purchasing a custom glass leaf. Featured in the main lobby, the tree stands over 8 feet high and displays beautiful glass leaves in platinum ruby, gold, silver, and copper colors. 

Sponsor a leaf with your name and/or business, memorialize a loved one, or honor a special person. Your leaf and inscription will be prominently displayed with public recognition of your support.

Pledge/Sponsorship Levels

Choose your artistic fused leaf and level of support signified with the colors and leaf size. Each donor leaf will have your inscription beautifully carved and displayed on our custom designed tree. Watch our tree grow when you visit! 

  • Platinum Ruby Level - $5,000 gift (per leaf) (limited number available) 
  • Gold Level - $2,000 gift (per leaf) 
  • Silver Level - $1,000 gift (per leaf) 
  • Copper Level - $500 gift  (per leaf)

More Information

If you have questions or would like to request additional information about our donor tree, please contact:

Alexandra Annen, Executive Director
Phone: 708-301-1078


Platinum Ruby Sponsors

2020 Pandemic Heroes (Thank You!)
Annette Gorezowski (Homer Glen Foundation)
BMO Harris Bank
Countryside Bank
Homer Glen Foundation
In Memory of Joyce March
In Memory of Norm Eallonardo
Jody Olivieri (Homer Glen Foundation)
Karen Marshall (Homer Glen Foundation)
Kurt Heinz (Heinz Accounting)
Maggie Slezak (Homer Glen Foundation)
Sara McCambridge (Assistant Director)
Sheree Kozel-La Ha (Executive Director)
There's no place like Homer (The Young Family)

Silver Sponsors

Clare Lund (Library Trustee)
Clarke Smith
Kabat Family (Raymond & Marion, Angelique & Cheryl)
Law Office of John F. Klunk

Gold Sponsors

Cindy Bochenek (Library Trustee)
Dr. Edward O'Brien (Library Trustee)
Dr. Phyllis Levine (Library Trustee)
Dr. Rita Woods (Library Trustee)
Jane Klunk (Library Trustee)
Kevin & Erin Owen
Kitty Mitchell (Library Trustee)
Mike Budde (Library Trustee)
Mr. Kang Op Lee & Mrs. Kwang Ja Koo Lee (Proud Supporters)

Copper Sponsors

Bob & Pat Bienick
Dr. Eileen McCaffrey (Library Trustee)
Erin Nicole Simpson "More Than Was Hoped For"
Family of Emily & Raymond Carlson
Gleaner Homer Twp. Oak Arbor
In Memory of Bob & Hil Glueckstein
In Memory of Carolyn & Jack Killackey
Joseph March
Kristen Killackey
O'Brien Family Edward & Joan Eric, Alex, Connor
Orland Park Bank & Trust A Wintrust Bank
Susan Ritter A Very "Special" Teacher
The Barry Levine Family
Gurukkal Family
Jim & Linda: In Loving Memory of Ronnie

Michelle Decaire Love & Memories Until We Meet Again